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As a writer, I spend so much time imagining my stories in the hands of readers everywhere. It’s the ultimate goal- people clamoring for my words as I continue to string them together. I’m obviously not there yet, but this year I have had the opportunity to see two words in print, out there in the world, that give me a surge of pride- my name.

It’s just one of many things I’ve already been blessed with as a part of my SCBWI mentorship with Shannon Thompson, YA author, who I’m quickly realizing must be at least part superhero. Getting a mention in her blog was another reminder of the amazing opportunity before me. Seeing what she and her past mentees are up to makes it clear how valuable the work I’m doing now can be for my career.

When I heard I was chosen for this mentorship, I had no idea what was in the cards for me. I was so excited, but as someone who had never experienced the revision process in the publishing world, there was a tiny part of me that thought this was the part where I would be forced to compromise my story in order to move it one step closer to print. After receiving my first edit letter from Shannon and my manuscript filled with comments, which was a bit overwhelming, I did just what she said to do and take some time to let it ruminate before diving in and making changes. 

When I did get to work, I quickly realized I was so very wrong about revisions. Shannon’s insight helped me flush out my characters, think about my story pacing, and use the limited words available to me to make a more cohesive and compelling story. 

Every change I made felt right. 

When I sent my revised draft to her I felt incredibly accomplished. Do I think it’s perfect? Absolutely not. There are still parts here and there I’m tweaking- I’m beginning to think that in the event that it does get bound and sold, I’ll still be thinking about some of my choices. Regardless, I know how much I’ve grown as a writer during this process, and it’s only been a couple of months. I’m so excited to see where my story and I are when the calendar reads December- and every other month as well!

P.S.- Want to see my name in print? Check out my incredible mentor’s blog!

One response to “Writer’s Blog: My Name”

  1. Alex LaForest Avatar
    Alex LaForest

    This is very exciting! Can’t wait to hear how the revision process goes.


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