Writer’s Blog: From Inspired to Inspiring

As you probably know by now, my blog is all about the books I read and what they inspire me to experience. I love the way books open the doors to new possibilities. Obviously, my goal is to eventually have my books inspire others in the same way I’ve been inspired.

I know it’s a long way off before my books find a way to the masses, but I recently had an experience that gave me a taste of what it could be like. I’m incredibly lucky to have an amazing friend who is my first eyes on all my books. Despite everything she has going on, she always finds time to read my manuscripts. She cares about my characters, enjoys my plots, and is always eager to read more. Her husband may have even jokingly chastised me about taking her away from him when I send her new drafts. It’s nice to hear positive feedback when I’m knee deep in revisions, questioning my wording in query letter drafts, struggling to cut down my synopsis, burying myself in comp titles, and second guessing my agent research strategies.

This friend recently sent me a text with an image attached. The picture was taken in her kitchen containing a pan of the most delectable looking macarons. In two of my books, I mention macarons. One in particular includes a scene that was so much fun to write where the characters make them for the first time. After reading, my friend decided to finally try to make them on her own. 

Early in June, I was able to taste them for myself. I was absolutely not disappointed: just the right amount of chocolate, a touch of caramel, light and fluffy, no cracks, crunch on the outside. I may have had more than one…. Okay, more than two…alright, I ate three. My only regret is not eating more. If you tried them, you’d understand!

I know I can’t take credit for her quality—that’s clearly all her, everything she makes is delicious—but it’s nice to know I had a little something to do with her making the attempt. It gave me a taste of what it’s like to have a story of mine live inside someone’s head after they finish the last page. I liked that feeling. It’s one I plan on chasing, even when the path seems uphill.

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